Fun Bad Movies

27 Sep
The Gauntlet (1977)

The Gauntlet (1977)

Not all bad movies are fun, and not all fun movies are bad. Here’s one that manages to be both fun and bad.

This may contain spoilers, but you’ve probably seen it already, so who cares?

The movie in question is Clint Eastwood’s “The Gauntlet” (1977). In my humble opinion, what makes this movie so much fun is how absolutely over the top it is. Clint is a cop who must transport a witness to a trial in another city (I think it’s Vegas, but I’m recalling all this from memory and I’m too lazy to look anything up), but someone does not want him to complete his mission. As the film unfolds, we see a buncha guys shoot at the house where Clint and his charge (Sondra Locke) are hiding. These guys pump the house so full of lead that it falls down.

In the film’s climactic scene, Clint commandeers a bus and proceeds to equip it with makeshift armor plating. He rides into town in this improvised juggernaut as a hundred cops (they think Clint is a bad guy) fire at will at the bus and only manage to hit one of the tires just as Clint reaches the end of the journey.

The picture is violent and gratuitously crude in parts, but that doesn’t stop it from being fun and bad.


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