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28 Sep

Here at the Jungle, I try to avoid discussing anything that’s controversial, ’cause I’m a wuss and I don’t want anyone egging my house on Devil’s night.  However, I gotta say that I really don’t understand the kerfuffle about gay marriage.  I’m neither ultra-liberal nor arch-conservative, just some guy on the bus like everyone else.

As a straight, married guy, I would appear not to have a dog in this fight.  However, we guys tend to have an opinion on everything, so here goes:

The folks who oppose gay marriage talk about “defense of marriage”. I’m not buying it. The word “defense” implies that marriage is under attack.  So, who’s attacking and who’s defending? If two people of the same sex are in a relationship and want to make their union a legal one, is my marriage under attack? Clearly not. My marriage (and yours too, if you are married) remains intact. If our hypothetical couple are legally joined in matrimony, our marriage licenses do not suddenly vaporize.

Sure, I know that there are Biblical passages that condemn homosexuals and homosexual acts, but these all tend to be found in the book of Leviticus.  What difference does that make, you ask? Well, we know that there were a number of Biblical authors.  So, one author apparently had an axe to grind against gays.  Jesus himself never said a word on the subject.

I also get it that the word “marriage” when applied to gay couples makes some folks a mite uncomfortable.  If the term was changed to “civil union”, some opponents of gay marriage would be less inclined to block it.  OK, but if we go that route, we’re just playing a semantic shell game with ourselves, so what’s the point?

For me, it all comes down to this being something that two adults decide to do of their own free will.  In my humble opinion, gay couples are not obstructing the rights of anyone else by marrying , so I support making gay marriage legal.

Peter Cook

Mawidge is a dweam wiffin a dweam.


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