Movies we like – Silent Running

4 Oct

This 1972 pic starring Bruce Dern and directed by Douglas Trumbull (a special effects supervisor on Kubrick’s 2001) is a favorite of ours.  The plot is a bit thin, the dialogue is sometimes heavy-handed, and parts of the story don’t stand up to scrutiny. In our humble opinion, though, the film is a flawed gem and we like it in spite of its shortcomings.

There are no more trees on Earth and all remaining specimens are kept in domed spaceships orbiting Saturn.  When Uncle Sam decides to pull the plug on the project, the crew receive instructions to jettison the domes and return to Earth. Three of the four crew members are willing to carry out the orders, but Freeman Lowell (Dern) balks.

The film is definitely a product of the early 70s, with a soundtrack of Joan Baez songs and all the environmental idealism of that time.   If you check your inner cynic at the door, you just might find it enjoyable.  If nothing else, three squat robots named Huey, Dewey, and Louie will keep you amused.

Silent Running

Silent Running, starring Bruce Dern


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