Appliance Repair is a wonderful thing

7 Oct

An earnest young man from the appliance repair company had come to look at my broken dishwasher.  After poking around a few minutes, he spoke.  “I can tell a lot about you by the way you use your dishwasher”, he said confidently.  “For one thing, you don’t rinse your dishes before you put them into the dishwasher.”  I protested that the instructions for the device said that such rinsing was unnecessary. He looked at me as if I were the biggest rube he’d ever seen.  “In my opinion, Bosch makes the best dishwashers, but you’re not ready for a Bosch”, he informed me.  Apparently,  the elite few who owned Bosches did not wash empty jelly jars in their appliances, thus the labels of said jars did not come off and settle in the bottom of the machines.  OK, so he had me on that one.  He fiddled with some things and a few minutes later, he presented me with the bill.  As he went out the door, he shot me a look that told me I’d better pull up my socks, ’cause he’d be watching.


appliance repair is a wonderful thing


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