The gun thing

11 Oct

As noted before, here at De Jungle, we avoid controversial topics ’cause we don’t want some guy egging our house on Devil’s night.  However, if we don’t write about controversial stuff, we feel like wusses.  So, here we go.

We’re really tired of all the hand-wringing over firearm deaths, ’cause we think that the solution is obvious and should have been implemented years ago.  If we have to register our cars, we should have to register our guns.  Yeah, we know – some of you are gonna say that a step like that would put us on a slippery slope to all guns being confiscated. We have a good counter argument: it’s BS.  We have to license our vehicles and no one’s come to take them yet.  We had to license our dog, but no one’s come to take the dog.  The NRA trots out this old chestnut every so often ’cause they know it gets their base energized.

While were on the subject of the NRA, they’re really little more than the lobbying arm of the firearms industry.  Their logic is pretty circular.  “I support lax guns laws so I can have easy access to firearms to protect myself from those who easily armed themselves due to the lax gun laws that I supported.”

novelty gun



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