12 Oct
Buddha statue

statue of the Buddha

Buddhism has the concept of enlightenment, which is a very appealing concept.  As I understand it (and I’m not claiming that I do), when one reaches enlightenment, one realizes that the concept of the self is only an illusion.  One is free of false conceptions, attachments, judgments of others, and a state of bliss follows.  Furthermore, one cannot gain enlightenment by trying to become enlightened, as that is a form of craving. “Buddha” means essentially, “the one who woke up.”  Buddhists teach that Buddha was not a god, but a human being like one of us.  Years ago I saw the Dalai Lama when he spoke at a nearby university, and he seemed to be a very wise individual.  However, I was wanting him to levitate or something, and he didn’t do that. I guess I keep expecting special effects, but maybe it’s just not that way.


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