Catholicism is a pagan religion

13 Oct
St. Anthony

Good guy to know if you lose an object

We never know where were going with this blog (that’s why it’s a jungle), but since our last post dealt with the Buddhist concept of enlightenment, we figured we’d ride the religion wave a little longer.  Now, before you get mad as us for that provocative title, hear us out.  When we assert that Catholicism is a pagan religion, we’re not saying it as a criticism.  In fact, we think that’s kind of cool.

When we (us folks here at De Jungle) think about pagan religions, we think of polytheistic religions like those of the ancient Greeks and Romans.  The Greeks and Romans  worshiped the same pantheon of gods, with only the names being different.  Do Catholics have a pantheon of gods?  Well no, not exactly.  But Catholics have some traditions that are at least a tip of the hat in that direction.  If you’re Catholic, and you want a certain outcome (the healing of an affliction, etc.), you might just pray to a patron saint (for example Saint Anthony is the go-to guy for lost objects.)  The idea is (we speculate) that a saint might hold a bit more sway than you do with God, and will therefore intercede on your behalf.  That sounds a bit like going to the temple of Athena to us.  True, the ancients worshiped Athena, while Catholics point out that they revere the saints but worship only God. OK, fair enough.  But nevertheless, in our humble opinion, Catholicism took on aspects of the pagan religions that it replaced. Again, we’re not criticizing, we’re just observing.


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