Fracked up beyond all repair

14 Oct

Oh, frack…

We’re more than a little nervous about fracking, the practice of injecting water and chemicals into the ground to release deposits of oil and natural gas. The water doesn’t worry us so much, it’s the “and chemicals” part that gives us pause. Along with the oil and natural gas, fracking also releases something else that’s underground; radiation.

The second thing that has us worried is that the companies who are doing the fracking tell us that it’s perfectly safe.  When an energy company tells you that something is perfectly safe, it usually isn’t.

Call us cynical (we are), but when we hear energy companies say things  like “We’re concerned about America’s energy independence”, we mentally substitute the words “our bottom line”, in place of the words “America’s energy independence.”

As to the science of the thing, don’t take our word for it (we’re not scientists).  Instead, see this:



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