Gravitating to Gravity

3 Nov


Lost in space

We can’t remember the last time we got off lazy duffs to go out to the movies and sit on our lazy duffs. Today we took in Gravity, which has been all the rage at the multiplex for the past several weeks (though last week it was bested in box office biz by Bad Grandpa – go figure. By the way, when did a movie’s box office receipts become the measure of its worth?)

We’re leery of 3D versions of movies, as we think that 3D is usually a tacked-on gimmick. As showings of Gravity in the ‘regular’ format were few, we saw the 3D version . We’re happy to report that in this case, the use of 3D seems justified and not at all a gimmick.

Some reviews have questioned why Sandra Bullock’s character, an M.D., is calibrating the Hubble Space Telescope, but to us this is mere quibbling. We’re also not too troubled about this or that scientific inaccuracy, as storytelling will always trump science, as any episode from Star Trek will attest. We’ve also read that some found the back story of Bullock’s character superfluous, but we were unfazed by this as well.

The film is gripping, visceral, and we found it quite enjoyable. There is one scene that to us seemed similar in tone to one that appears in Jane Campion’s The Piano when Holly Hunter’s character in that film plunges into the ocean. (We’re not going to say more, because we might ruin the movie for you.)

We’re now feeling a little bit guilty because we chose the escapist intensity of Gravity over the more realistic intensity of a film like 12 Years a Slave, but we’ll save that one for another day.


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