Music We Like: O Superman

20 Nov

Laurie Anderson

O Superman. O Judge …

We first heard Laurie Anderson’s O Superman  while in our car. Arriving at our destination, we were unable to leave the vehicle, spellbound by the sounds coming from our radio. Not knowing who created this haunting, ethereal work, we asked all our friends and acquaintances until the artsy guy at work identified the musician as Laurie Anderson.  We headed to the record store first chance we got and found it on Anderson’s Big Science album.  The work did not disappoint. We invited our elder sibling over, and upon hearing it, he summoned his friends to our abode.  We have heard O Superman (For Massenet) (the full title) many times since those halcyon days, and it never fails to move us.

We don’t know if you’ll like it as much as we do, but here is a link. The work is at once haunting, funny, and ominous. How often do you get a combination like that?


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