Fun Facts about Federico Fellini

4 Dec

Apropos of nothing in particular, we’d like to ruminate on Fellini for a bit. After all, the late maestro’s name is almost synonymous with film making. One quirky thing about Fellini’s films is that the lip movements of his actors often didn’t match the dialogue they were speaking. We always thought that perhaps Fellini had difficulty obtaining quality recording devices, but it turns out that he could have had perfectly synchronized sounds and images if he had wanted. Before shooting a scene, Fellini often had not finalized what the dialogue would be, so he instructed the actors to recite numbers, and he would have them record the dialogue used in the final film later. So something like:

Woman: 23 47 35 8.
Man: 91 62 4 67.

could become:

Woman: You were out late last night.
Man: What do you mean? I was home early.

To Fellini, synchronized lip movements were not what made a film a film.

Another fine fact about Fellini actually involves his wife, Giulietta Masina, who played Gelsomina in the 1954 classic, “La Strada.” After the film was released, the Disney people approached Fellini because they wanted to create a character based on Gelsomina. Apparently, nothing ever came of it…

Giulietta Masina as Gelsomina

Giuletta Masina


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