Where Credit is Due

28 Dec

Here at De Jungle, we’re an absent-minded lot; though we pay our bills, we often do so on our timetable and not that of our creditors. Our creditors respond to our forgetfulness by tacking late fees onto the balance owed.

credit cards

a two-edged sword …

Today we called our credit card company in an attempt to get one such fee rescinded. It soon became apparent that the creditor was not going to budge. There was the matter of the late fee they’d reversed for us in October and also the one we’d persuaded them to reverse in August. No longer would they tolerate our wicked, wicked ways. “Alright”, we said in a high-handed tone as we prepared to play our trump card. “If you will not reverse this fee, we shall pay our remaining balance, cancel the card, and make no further purchases.” We felt triumphant and self-congratulatory. We’d hit just the right note of haughtiness without being rude. Unfortunately, the young man on the other end called our bluff. Well then, we’d just have to make good on the threat. We made our payment, after which the man turned us over to someone who’d close the account.

The next person did everything she could to make us regret our rash decision. She pointed out that we’d been with them for over a decade. She then offered to reduce our interest rate by 8 points, lowering it from astronomical to the merely usurious. We were tempted but ultimately unmoved. Would we mend our absent-minded ways? Probably not. The representative cancelled the card and bid us a reluctant good-bye.

Now we’d done it. We’d cancelled access of a line of credit and we couldn’t use the card anymore. We felt strangely relieved …


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