How to Make Cinema History

19 Feb

Here’s an idea we have, but we’re too lazy (and too cheap) to do it ourselves.

J.D. Salinger never sold the film rights to “The Catcher in the Rye”, so the book has never been adapted (this is probably all to the good.) God knows if anyone is trying to buy the rights now that he’s passed away, but we figure that it’ll take time to hash all that out. In the interim, you and your friends can make your own adaptation. Ideally, it’d be good, but even that is not an absolute requirement. The idea is not so much to be good, the idea is to be first. You don’t have money for sets? Stage it like ‘Our Town’ and don’t use scenery. Once you’ve shot your adaptation, put it on the net for free. You’re not going to make any money off this, and you’re going to make a lot of people mad (anyone who’s read the book has already made the film in his/her own head and your images won’t fit theirs.) The Salinger estate is sure to come after you, so practice guerilla film making and use a nom du cinéma in the credits.

Cather in the Rye Paperback

You’ll make cinema history!

Once your adaptation is out there, you’ll get the 15 minutes of fame that Andy Warhol talked about and a place (even if it’s only a footnote) in cinema history.


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