Dog Psychics and Stigmata

24 Jun

Recently, a woman at work told us that she had taken her high-strung canine to a dog psychic.  We’re not clear as to what the psychic’s observations were, but it got us thinking about psychic phenomena and religious experience.

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re wusses.  We adopt a pose of being coldly scientific, but we’re on the fence.  We’re not religious, but we have a not-so-secret desire to experience the numinous. It was this desire that impelled us some years back to see a stigmatic. An e-mail we’d received stated that this individual would be at such-and-such a church on such-and-such a date. After work, we drove the better part of a hundred miles to check it out for ourselves.

We got there, and from what we recall, the scene seemed like a religious Woodstock. We were instructed to let people with illnesses approach first.  As there were many people there, and as we were in good health, it was clear that this was going to be a long night.  We seated ourselves at the very back and settled in. Several hours passed, and it was finally time to approach the stigmatic. We’d seen photos of the columnist Mike Royko, and this chap looked vaguely like him. He embraced us with his bandaged hands and boomed “God love ya, buddy!” (Note: we think he had bandaged hands, but we’re not sure – we’re recalling this from memory.)  And that was that.

In the days that followed we tried to objectively observe any changes in ourselves and there were none.  Well, one actually. For about a week after the experience, we discovered that we’d lost the ability to judge anyone harshly.  Reading a newspaper article about the latest thing that Dick Cheney (a politician we disliked) had said, we found that the anger we normally experienced on reading his pronouncements just wasn’t there; all we could manage was to wonder what would make a person say the things that Cheney said. We figured it wouldn’t last and it didn’t; after about a week, we were our same ol’ judgmental selves again.

We’re not drawing any conclusions one way or the other, merely reporting. We’re neither scientists nor seers.  We’re just some guy.


Dick, why’d ya say those things?







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