Galleons of the Guardaxy

2 Sep

OK, we know we’re not timely with this post, but we seldom are, so it’s no big deal.  You’ve probably heard that Guardians of the Galaxy is the hit of the summer. Why not?  The picture has everything to attract the film-going public;  it’s a sci-fi  flick loaded with action and first-rate special effects. It’s also quite funny.  We saw it and laughed our heads off. The scene where the main characters plan a jail break  is worth the price of admission.  It’s a great piece of escapist entertainment.  We’re a bit apprehensive.

Yep, that’s right- apprehensive.  We may be jumping the gun here, but already there’s talk of a second Guardians picture to be released in 2017.  The way we see it, sequels aren’t always a good idea.  Let’s say a good movie comes out (Iron Man for example.)  It’s got a great cast, a good script, and what the heck, it’s a hit. Then they come out with the sequel.  The sequel isn’t as good as the first film (at least not usually, and in our humble opinion, Iron Man 2 is not as good as the original) and then they release a third flick. With the third installment the magic is gone, and it’s time to end the series.  (OK, you may take issue  with us on this one, but in our view, though Iron Man 3  had its moments, it degenerated into little more than a special effects extravaganza at the end there.)



Keep up the good work, Groot!

We just hope that if they do a second film it’ll be up to the caliber of the first one.  It just occurred to us that we’re adopting a rather glass-half-empty attitude with this post, given that a second film hasn’t even been made yet. We plead guilty – summer’s at its end and we’re feeling a mite crabby about it…



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